Joe Glines / Automator Linked to SPSS Tools!
In his "Automating my world; 1 script @ a time!" blog Joe (Data Cowboy & Automation Guru) shares a lot of code samples, tips and videos to facilitate data analysis and automation. You could find SPSS-related stuff there as well. Say this video shows how to Use an SPSS Macro to Open and Save Hundreds /Thousands of similar Files. And here you will find SPSS Syntax writer / Recoder using an Excel template (video walking through how to use it as well as a link to the spreadsheet). It saves a TON of time writing code…

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Kirill Orlov's macros collection Linked to SPSS Tools!

SPSS macros page. Moved to spsstools. (Previously was on

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Dirk Enzmann's Statistical Software Linked to SPSS Tools!
Some useful programs and SPSS macros such as CovMat.sps (for writing a covariance matrix of a set of variables, r_bis for computing a biserial correlation coefficient and its sig., r_tetra.sps to compute a tetrachoric correlation coefficient and its sig.

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King Douglas Consulting Linked to SPSS Tools!
King Douglas is an expert with SPSS programming, Survey Research, Statistics and Sampling methodologies. King did Profiles of 6 SPSS experts

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WMB & Associates Linked to SPSS Tools!
William M. Bailey Ph.D. is a consulting statistician and market analyst.

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John F. Hall, Journeys in Survey Research Linked to SPSS Tools!
John is a retired academic survey researcher with almost 50 years of experience in this field. The page is aimed to share John's expertise with researchers, students and others doing, or learning about, survey research and the analysis of survey data. The author using and teaching of SPSS since 1972. Among other things, you may get trained at Survey Analysis Workshop (self-teaching course using SPSS for Windows) there.

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Andrew Wheeler's Blog
Andrew is a doctoral student in Criminal Justice at the University at Albany, SUNY. The blog contains, among other research stuff, materials on SPSS, syntax samples with comments and output examples. Several posts are devoted to charting facilities of SPSS, and GGRAPH command, in particular. I came across his site while looking for the SPSS syntax draft to draw violin plots in SPSS.

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George Marsaglia
Everything you ever wanted to know about Pseudo Random Number Generators and tests done to verify the quality of generators.

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Высокие статистические технологии Linked to SPSS Tools!
Раздел семейного сайта А.И. и А.А. Орловых. Обширная подборка авторских учебников и статей по прикладной статистике, доступных для свободного скачивания. Основное содержание текстов: критика параметрических и развитие непараметрических методов анализа, статистики нечисловых данных. Даже если вы не собираетесь в своих исследованиях отказываться от параметрики, учебники и статьи достойны изучения, так как содержат свежие идеи и опыт практического использования статистики в различных сферах. На мой взгляд, публикации проф. А.И. Орлова выгодно отличаются от некоторых современных учебников по прикладной статистике и анализу данных, являющихся, по сути, неполными справочными руководствами к статистическим пакетам.

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Персональный сайт Андрея Хомича
Размещено учебно-методическое пособие «Основы математической статистики и компьютерная обработка данных в психологии». Один из разделов пособия — компьютерный практикум в программе SPSS 10.0-11.0.

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Bernhard Bührlen's Home Page

The link is outdated:
Forschungsmethodik und Evaluation

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John McNutt's Office on the Web

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John maintain a SPSS Tutorials page.

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