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(rev. 12 March 2007) by Hector Maletta, Universidad del Salvador (Thanks Hector!)
This paper deals with weighting, its function in statistical analysis and its use in SPSS. Russian version translated by Anton Balabanov is also available.

Link added: March 12, 2007


Forest biometrical models for SPSS

by Kitikidou Kyriaki of the University of Thrace, Greece.
Abstract. Regression equations that predict important forest variables (total tree height, breast height diameter, form factor, form height, total volume, tree diameter at any height) are very useful in forest biometry applications. In this paper, we attempt to collect several equations for the prediction of the variables mentioned above and write seven programs for the SPSS statistical package (version 7.0 or later), so researchers could easily run them and select the best models for the region and the tree specie of their interest.
Download the Related syntax data file and output files.

Link added: March 9, 2008


Heteroscedasticity Testing and correcting in SPSS

A detailed 32 page pdf document (533 kb) written by Gwilym Pryce from Glasgow University. Contains references.

Link added: April 17, 2002


Syntax and macros tutorials


  1. Converting strings to numbers
  2. Date, time and age
  3. String manipulation Tutorials
  4. Macro Tutorials

Link added: Aug. 30, 2015


SPSS Statistics General Guides

Marija Norušis Site
3 excellent SPSS Statistics Guides

Link added: July 18, 2015


SPSS Tutorials by Ruben Geert van den Berg
This SPSS Tutorials project has wide coverage of topics on working in SPSS Statistics, from basics to advanced tips, including syntax and modeling. Tutorials are written in step-by-step style and fully illustrated. FAQ page and reference materials (best practices, glossaries, etc.) are available. This very nice looking web-site was created by Ruben Geert van den Berg from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Link added: Oct. 15, 2015


UCLA's SPSS Pages Linked to SPSS Tools!
SPSS Library, Code Fragments, FAQ, Class Notes, Learning Modules, streaming video presentations on SPSS. Resources to Help you Learn and Use SPSS by UCLA's Academic Technology Services

This is another great site to learn how to use SPSS's menus and syntax. There are:

Link added: June 23, 2015


SPSS On-Line Training Workshop
by Dr.Carl Lee, Dr Felix Famoye and Joyce Sharp from Central Michigan University. This is a very comprehensive tutorial which assumes no prior knowledge of SPSS. About 40 Quick Time movies are used to cover most SPSS topics. A fast internet connection is recommended.

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


Statnotes: an Online Textbook
by G. David Garson, North Carolina State University.

This site contains many topics such as ANOVA, ANCOVA, Cluster Analysis, Correlation, Correspondence Analysis, Logistic Regression, Logit, Probit models, etc. with SPSS related examples. Each topic includes a description of Key Concepts and Terms, Assumptions, FAQ and Bibliography.

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


SPSS Course Content
by Lee A. Becker, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Very detailed and well done. Covers:

  • Data Definition,
  • Descriptive Statistics,
  • Statistical notes on Scales of measurement and Confidence Intervals
  • Data and File transformations
  • Crosstabulations and Measure of Associations
  • Differences between two groups (t-test and NPAR test)
  • ANOVA: between Subjects (1-way, 2-way, 3-way, SME and unequal ns)
  • ANOVA: Repeated Measures (1-way, 1-way and 1-between, 2-way and 1-between

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


Psychology Statistics and Methods
by Jan Frijters, University of Guelph.

Do a statistics self-assesment quiz. Download assignments description and related data files in for Course 6060 and Course 6380

Link added: Aug. 30, 2015


Statistiche Datenanalyse mit SPSS für Windows

The link is outdated:
(pdf 85 Seiten) Universität Osnabrück - Rechenzentrum

Link added: Aug. 30, 2015


Учись работать с SPSS! Linked to SPSS Tools!
Он-лайн учебник по мотивам книги Ахим Бююль, Петер Цефель. SPSS: искусство обработки информации. Анализ статистических данных и восстановление скрытых закономерностей (SPSS Version 10. Einfuhrung in die moderne Datenanalyse unter Windows). Издательство: ДиаСофт, 2005 г.

Link added: Dec. 17, 2005


Использование SPSS в экономике труда

The link is outdated:
Электронная версия учебного пособия Одегов Ю.Г., Кулапов М.Н., Попов Л.А. Использование SPSS в экономике труда. М.: Изд-во Рос. экон. акад., 2003

Link added: Dec. 17, 2005


Specialized SPSS Tutorials or Technical Papers

Survey Analysis

Example of Survey Analysis using SPSS by Leeds Metropolitan University Learning Support Services (no longer available)

Link added: Aug. 30, 2005


Statistics on Likert Scale Surveys
from SPSS Techniques Series

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


Introduction to Logistic Regression
Автор: John Whitehead, Университет Восточной Калифорнии. Страница содержит как теорию, так и практические примеры, ориентированные на использование SPSS.

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


Reliability Analysis
Развиваем анализ надёжности (Reliability Analysis): использование внутригрупповых корреляций. (SPSS for Windows v. 8). Автор: Robert A. Yaffee, Университет Нью-Йорка. Есть также обзорная страница по Корреляционному анализу и анализу надёжности.

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


Practical Analysis of Nutritional Data (P.A.N.D.A)
Practical Analysis of Nutritional Data (P.A.N.D.A) by the university of Tulane. Has pages on Using data, Data cleaning, One-way, Two-way and Multi-way Analysis, Sub modules, Assess your understanding, Kenya Real World Analysis. Each section has "test yourself" exercises.

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005


Pitfalls of Data Analysis

The link is outdated:
(or How to Avoid Lies and Damned Lies) by Clay Helberg, M.S. Mr. Helberg was formerly with the University of Wisconsin but is now with SPSS.

Link added: Dec. 27, 2001


Selection bias and the Heckman two-step procedure
by Jeroen Smits from Nijmegen University. Downloadable papers on that subject including instructions on how to perform this procedure with SPSS.

Link added: Feb. 16, 2002


Models for Binary Outcomes
An extensive document by Choong-Geun Chung, Indiana University (available in HTML, pdf or web-based tutorial form) covering the following: Logistic Regression with SPSS
Probit Regression with SPSS
Multinominal Logit Regression (GENLOG procedure)
Conditional Logistic Regression (COXREG procedure)

Link added: May 1, 2002


Exploratory Factor Analysis
A 500 page downloadable book manuscript by Ledyard Tucker (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Robert MacCallum (University of North Carolina)

Link added: June 5, 2002


Logistic regression and discriminant analysis
By Stephen Lea, University of Exeter, Dept. of Psychology. This covers the theory, practice, interpretation and reporting of logistic regression results.

Link added: June 5, 2002


Correspondence Analysis
By François-Xavier Micheloud, Pully. The document is available in English and in French. Ce document est disponible en anglais et en français.

Link added: June 5, 2002


SPSS Paper Examples
by the UCLA. This page contains data files and SPSS syntax to reproduced the analysis done in the paper "Using SAS Proc Mixed to Fit Multilevel Models, Hierarchical Models, and Individual Growth Models by Judith Singer. The original paper is available for download.

Link added: Jan. 13, 2003


Meta-analysis stuff
by David B. Wilson, George Mason University, this page contains a powerpoint presentation, SPSS macros and sample SPSS outputs.

Link added: June 25, 2003


Brien O'Connor`s Page
(from Lakehead University) contains the following syntax files: (thanks to Paul Ginns for bringing this to my attention)

  1. SIMPLE: All-in-One Programs for Exploring Interactions in Moderated Multiple Regressions
  2. Simple and Flexible SAS and SPSS Programs for Analyzing Lag-Sequential Categorical Data
  3. SPSS and SAS Programs for Determinating the Number of Components using Parallel Analysis and Velicer's MAP test
  4. EXTENSION: SAS, SPSS and MATLAB Programs for Extension Analysis

Link added: Dec. 23, 2005