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Discussions groups / mailing lists

Groupos Usarios SPSS happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Spanish discussion group on SPSS
Archives of SPSSX mailing list happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A very good resource to get help on SPSS related questions.
SPSS fórum & segédletek happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) SPSS related links
Russian discussion group happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) SPSS and statistics


Personal sites

Bernhard Bührlen's Home Page happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Forschungsmethodik und Evaluation
Dirk Enzmann's Statistical Software happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Some useful programs and SPSS m acros such as CovMat.sps (for writing a covariance matrix of a set of variables, r_bis for computing a biserial correlation coefficient and its sig., r_tetra.sps to compute a tetrachoric correlation coefficient and its sig.
George Marsaglia Everything you ever wanted to know about Pseudo Random Number Generators and tests done to verify the quality of generators.
John McNutt's Office on the Web happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) John maintain a SPSS Tutorials page.


A few other useful Usenet groupsand Web sites

Excel programming The Spreadsheet Page (IMHO the best web site on MS Excel)
MS Access The Access Web (IMHO the best web site on MS Access)
Word VBA


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