Method Consult Switzerland Christian Schendera Dr. phil. is the author of 8 books on data validation, data analysis and programming using SPSS/SAS.
Giller happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A data mining consulting firm based in Munich. This URL contains some Data mining links
Idesa consulting happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A Spanish consulting firm, the site contains a fairly extensive list of links related to statistics and statistical software.
HRS Ltd happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Hoare Research Software Ltd: New Zealand's Technical Software Source.
King Douglas Consulting happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) King Douglas is an expert with SPSS programming, Survey Research, Statistics and Sampling methodologies. King did Profiles of 6 SPSS experts
SPIKEware happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) A consulting firm specializing in SAS software. This is their software links page. They also have statistical and SPSS books for sale.
Statoo Consulting happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) Statistical Consulting + Data Analysis Services (Lausanne, Switzerland). They have SPSS related links and a comprehensive list of resources on statistical and data analysis subjects.
WMB & Associates happyFace2.gif (633 bytes) William M. Bailey Ph.D. is a consulting statistician and market analyst.