Please, note, IBM SPSS Statistics is not freeware or shareware product. You have to buy (or anyhow obtain) license, and without it any use of this software is illegal.

Consider to visit link page Former SPSS Offices. I started to collect here the links to some of the former national SPSS offices which are now independend companies, IBM partners, who keep supporting their SPSS customers, selling licenses for IBM SPSS products and professional services (like training, consulting, etc.).

In case you only want to familarize yourself with SPSS Statistics (interface, basic functions, compatibility, etc.), you don't have to immediate buy license. You need just to obtain trial copy of the software (with free trial license included) from IBM directly (or IBM partner). Technically this 'trial' (or demo) is a fully-functional piece of software, containing not only base, but all additional modules as well. You can download latest SPSS version and all necessary plugins. Start searching with something like 'trial ibm spss statistics'. In case you end up with IBM web-site, you will probably need to pass a quick registration procedure.

Last time (as of April 2017)  I succeded to find a trial on the following page.